PRE website the overall winner in this year’s WebTop100 competition

PRE website the overall winner in this year’s WebTop100 competition

Web Prazska energetika has became the absolute winner of this year's contest WebTop100 in the category "Corporate Website". was the overall winner in the main competition category and first in the Industry and Energy section. These wins come after a number of successes in recent years, in which Pražská energetika has consistently come near the top in the Energy and Overall winner sections.

In website design, Lundegaard is a strategic partner of Pražská energetika and is involved in usability analysis, website architecture and prototype preparation. The PRE website received the maximum rating in, among others, the User Experience section, which together with web content was the most important judging criterion.

As well as its role in the conceptual phase, Lundegaard is involved in web management and development. In addition, term the company has been providing PRE’s website development capacities on a long-term basis. Lundegaard also acts as a adviser on the CMS LARS Vivo system, supplying theLDK (Lars Development Kit) licence to PRE, which allows the energy company to modify and extend the source code, in order to add custom functionality.

The CMS LARS Vivo platform – joining all solutions together

CMS LARS Vivo serves for easy website creation and editing, and no programming experience is required. The system is designed for medium-sized and large organisations, and a simpler, more attractively priced version known as LITE can be purchased. It is designed for smaller websites. For the company’s development needs, the LDK licence is available, allowing the source code to be modified and the system to be expanded by addition of the PRE’s own components.

Website portal prototyping

For making website creation as effective as possible and checking a draft, Lundegaard uses the rapid prototyping method. The output is an interactive mock-up of a proposed portal, which simulates key functionalities and in some instances the final appearance. In most cases it is produced in the initial phases of a project and, thanks to specialised tools, the prototype can be produced very quickly. As time is of the essence for prototyping, many designs can be created based on clients’ comments and user testing results. After the key features of the design (in a few quick iterations) are checked, the prototype will represent key sections of a website for subsequent development.