Our Stream Data Platform Project Has Fully Kicked Off


Since the beginning of 2018 our data engineers, lead by their head Lukáš Matějka, have working on the Stream Data Platform project.

It is no news that data are growing day by day. While companies are aware of their immense importance, the use of the potential (value added) is lagging behind. Having knowledge of data context shall be crucial; it will make a notable competitive advantage difference in the marketplace.

Our project deals with the issue of so-called ‘fast data’ (processing and analysis of large amounts of data in real time) and artificial intelligence. Stream Data Platform is a micro-service platform based on open-source Apache Kafka technologies (we are partners of Confluent) and H2O.ai. The platform allows you to create specific business applications that exploit the potential of the latest technologies in the field of continuous flow of large amounts of data and their processing of Artificial Intelligence algorithms in real time.

Now we are launching a project web site as well. This makes Stream Data Platform a full-on Lundegaard topic; and we have built a team of specialists who have intensively been working on this project.

Lukáš adds about the project: "We are looking with our clients for specific areas where the use of new advanced technologies will help improve the services currently provided. We have put to use our knowledge in the fast data area and artificial intelligence in creating the platform that helps us quickly create such applications."