New website of Cofidis


New responsive (RWD) website of Cofidis from Lundegaard launched.

Lundegaard has delivered another generation of the website The website went through radical restructuring, placing emphasis on overall optimization of the conversion steps and especially on their simplicity for touchscreen devices (tablets and mobile phones).

The website was designed as responsive (RWD), using the “mobile first” approach – this means that the version for mobile devices was designed first.

At the beginning of the cooperation, the client set several objectives:

  • To increase major conversions on mobile devices.
  • To support micro conversions through mobile devices.
  • To simplify the content and structure of the current website.
  • To adjust calculators and online applications to support the sales of new products.
  • To make the presentation of the product portfolio more clearly arranged.

The project was initiated with conceptual work to prepare a detailed interactive prototype, which was thoroughly tested on a selected group of users. After this stage was verified, the graphic design was prepared, followed by the solution development, including implementation in the operating environment of the client.

The resulting presentation uses a modern and clean graphic style that complies with the corporate identity (CID) of the company. Due to the responsive web design, it is also very well accessible from various mobile devices and facilitates completion of conversions at the key places of the website (calculators, online application, contact forms and newsletter sign-up).

The new design of the portal benefits from a simplified structure and more clearly arranged product portfolio. It also makes advantage of the new generation of CMS Lars Vivo – enhanced safety, performance and easier content administration.

The proposed adjustments and overall approach placed emphasis on usability and user experience and substantially increases the customer conversion expected by Cofidis from the online channel.