Lundegaard’s spring reinforcements


As much as nature picks up strength in this period, Lundegaard strengthened its ranks during the months of April, May and June with new-experienced experts.

We welcome Jan Murin, František Herein, Jaroslav Pavelka and Tomáš Petr to our Prague headquaters.

Jan MurinJan Murin – UX konzultant
Before Jan joined Lundegaard, he designed application user interfaces and was constantly trying to meet users at Bisnode Czech Republic. His primary goal has always been to help users easily get what they are after, with the help of user research and date web analytics. He will continue to develop his experience in UX design at Lundegaard. When Jan clocks off, you can bump into him at a squash court or some foodie event in and around Prague.

František HereinFrantišek Herein – ICT Specialist
František has got his years of experience with IT management in several companies. He has a wide range of deployment skills, as well as management skills of various platforms and systems. He will help our team ensure that all our applications run securely and flawlessly.

Jaroslav PavelkaJaroslav Pavelka – Content Builder
Jarda has experience with coding website templates and testing. And he wants to develop his knowledge of coding at Lundegaard. Jarda likes to travel, do sports, play board games, and of course, enjoy a good pint of beer.

Tomáš PetrTomáš Petr – Content Builder
Tomas has been working with web technologies relatively briefly, but the world is rapidly changing thanks to all the digital technologies, and he wants to be part of it. Among other things, he spends his free time around hot-air balloons – so, we believe he will do the work at Lundegaard with a great perspective.

As for our development centre in Brno, they got new fish called Petr Marál, Martin Brichta, Kuba Hamerník, Oliver Mrázik and Norbert Durčanský.

Peter MarálPeter Marál - Java Portal Developer
He graduated in from Masaryk University, and he developed Java at oXy Online and IBA CZ. Java portals development will be his bread and butter in our company too. When off work, Peter splits his spare time between his family, relaxing outdoors, and watching good documentaries. "Last but not least, I love coffee as a proper IT nerd," Peter adds.

Martin BrichtaMartin Brichta - Front-end Developer
Martin is a front-end coder and developer with detailed knowledge of Liferay platform, which he acquired at IBA. He will be now pimping up Liferay at our Brno Development Centre. Besides work, Martin's biggest "hobby" is family. If he has any spare time, he likes to hang around audio-visual media - he is interested in graphics, 3D graphics, digital photography and also music (also as a producer).

Jakub HamerníkJakub Hamerník – PMO
Jakub is graduated from Masaryk University in Brno; and, has many years of work experience from IBA CZ. Jakub manages large projects at Lundegaard, primarily focused on the development of websites and portal technologies. When not working, he likes to hop on his bike and snowboard in winter. He says about himself that "he likes fun and good people around him", we are sure he will find this at Lundegaard.

Oliver MrázikOliver Mrázik – Junior Java Developer
Oliver comes from Prievidza; he worked on perfecting his Java development skills during his two-year career at IBA CZ. Oliver is a sports guy, he likes to chase a plastic disc – he plays frisbee and rides roller skates. And, as an every proper developer, he sometimes likes to "binge" on some computer game every now and then.

Norbert ĎurčanskýNorbert Ďurčanský – Java Developer
Norbert came to us from Dotykačka. He has got some of his experience working offshore, in Sweden, where he was in charge of internal systems security. He has been working with Java development for over two years now. Norbert lets his steam off by climbing, swimming or martial arts.

We welcome all of them and are looking forward to doing great things together, while co-developing Lundegaard, where we love working.