Lundegaard’s Slovak Branch Celebrates its 10th Anniversary


Lundegaard Slovakia Ltd was founded 10 years ago and served as an allocated department specializing in the development of .NET applications.

Meanwhile the Slovak team has got some new faces – HTML coders, testers and database specialists, have strengthened the team in order to meet the growing demand for Lundegaard services.

The Slovak team is currently based at Letná 45 in Košice, from where it provides testing capacity for all Lundegaard projects. It is in charge of ensuring output quality, in accordance with our company’s internal standards. The Slovak team helps detect any solution errors and security flaws, using functional testing, standard manual and automated tests.

Head of the Slovak Quality Assurance team is Denisa Soltészová.

Although all cooperation takes place entirely remotely, our Slovak testing centre can effectively cooperate on a daily basis with all teams thanks to modern digital technologies.

Our clients have started directly using the Slovak Quality Assurance service centre for its quality services, which proves its excellence.