Lundegaard winner of the Azureland contest


Azureland is a contest organised by Microsoft which recognises the best open-source web solutions that incorporate Azure technology.

Lundegaard participated in the first year of the Microsoft-organised Azureland contest to great success. Azureland recognises small and medium firms that deliver solutions based on open-source technologies and try to run these on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Lundegaard carried away the first prize with their new company web site, which is based on open-source technologies, namely PHP and Apache Solr, and runs on the CMS LARS Vivo platform. Thanks to this victory and the competence that the company demonstrated, Lundegaard were awarded the Microsoft Azure Certified Partner status.

Jiří Tonar, the CEO of Lundegaard, said: “The operational aspect of cloud solutions is a matter of strategic importance to Lundegaard. We have a wealth of experience in delivering PaaS cloud solutions using Microsoft’s native technologies. Azureland fit with our intention to try to use Azure for PHP web development. I am happy that our efforts have been recognised with this prize.”

The deployed solution, which is based on the Lars Vivo CMS platform, required a lot of small adjustments and tweaks that will be implemented in the future versions of the system, making possible the deployment of the system in scalable (PaaS) environments.

“The successful deployment and operation of a PHP content management system that utilises several other open-source technologies can be considered proof of Microsoft’s commitment to open source and interesting news for the Microsoft Azure community. This pilot project has demonstrated that the Azure environment is well-suited for our PHP and Java solutions for clients who require high scalability and a guarantee of high service availability,” said Tomáš Zajíček, the company’s technical director.