Lundegaard succeeds in this year’s WebTop100

Lundegaard succeeds in this year’s WebTop100

New version 1.2.2 is available. The version is primarily for maintenance purposes and brings improvements in the field of user interface, system stability and elimination of discovered errors.

Same as previously, solutions from Lundegaard occupied top positions in the WebTop100 awards. website – winner of the Industry category website, that underwent an important facelift in the middle of this year, has been ranked first in the “Industry” category. The Škoda website is a visually interesing and appealing corporate presentation that clearly and engagingly provides information about products and the company itself. The majority of the work on the facelift has been done by the Lundegaard Usability Center with thorough analysis of the traffic and user behaviour, which was the key point of shaping the routes of the site’s visitors. Afterwards, designing the best places where to put information about the products and the related information followed. ranked second in the Mobile app category

The new „e-reader“, ranking second in the Mobile app category, is optimized for viewing on tablet devices, such as the iPad. The application keeps its main features from the desktop version of the website, e.g. sorting content into categories, searching and sharing articles to social networks.

The iPad app represents a new communication channel for accessing the content of Finmag, thus truly being, after the desktop and mobile version, an another web access (without the need of installing the app). These web applications are enhanced by a native app for iOS. The user can therefore choose the channel prefered in the moment. won second place in the Financial broker category

In the beginning of 2012, Lundegaard has redesigned the corporate website of Cofidis, which was part of the new corporate changes in the company. One of the main objectives was to streamline the product portfolio, improving the related informational services and creating suitable interactive tools for increasing self-service features for clients and the comfort of handling their daily requirements. An interesting feature is the CRM newsletter module which helps communicating with the customers. placed third in the Mobile website category

Cetelem mobile enables using the most important services of the company, whenever and wherever by anyone with a mobile device. The app is targeted as a lean client set into a standard infrastructure of the company, while retaining and using critical information systems.

The mobile app was developed so that even the most basic phones can view the website, even though it being a restricted mode.

During the development process the application went through very intensive testing, in addition to using real mobile devices, professional third-party testing tools were also used. The objective of the tests was practically to get the closest representation of the application across various most used mobile devices on the market.

PRE corporate website still holds its top position in the Energy category

The coporate website Pražská energetika has ranked third in the Energy category (improving by one place compared to 2011). Since 2006, when the website won in the overall top category (and Lundegaard took over its administration and development), the website has regularly placed in top ranks in its category.

  • 2006: Top victory and 1st place in the Energy category.
  • 2007: Top 3rd place and 1st place in the Energy category.
  • 2008: 3rd place in the Energy category
  • 2009: 2nd place in the Energy category and Top 5th place.
  • 2010: 3rd place in the Energy category.
  • 2011: 4th place in the Energy category.

Web Integration placed fifth in the category Microsite

The website dedicated to Web Integration won fifth place in the Microsite category. The website consists of a microsite providing basic information on web integration. Its counterpart is a regularly-updated blog with articles dedicated to various areas of web integration.

CMS LARS Vivo – the platform connecting all solutions.

All solutions are built on the CMS LARS platform, alternatively CMS LARS Vivo, which provides enough support for various types of solutions - from corporate websites to mobile web apps.