Lundegaard signs partnership agreement with Signotec, a market leader in the field of electronic signature


As part of strengthening our market position in "e-signing" and biometric digital signatures, we agreed on closer cooperation with a German company Signotec.

With this partnership we are following up on the successfully completed E-signing and Dematerialisation project, which we implemented in 2013 for Cetelem Czech Republic.

In similar solutions we make use of a complete platform, i.e. both hardware components and “SignPads”, and software parts and integration API (in this instance for the JAVA platform).

In projects using this platform we emphasise high standards for security, and provability in signature technology, an essential feature particularly in the financial sector. A number of possible adjustments, including the partner’s willingness to make changes in API to suit our needs, offer us many opportunities for integration with the firm’s existing processes and systems.

Should you be in interested in this area of work, please see a description of what a typical solution for an electronic signature entails.

You can find more about Signotec and the Signotec platform on