Lundegaard participated in Liferay DEVCON 2016


From 14th to 16th November in Darmstadium (Germany) took place annual conference Liferay DEVCON 2016.

Our specialists on this platform - Aleš Rybák, Jiří Kadlec and Jakub Kohout attended to have a listen about Liferay news.

This year’s event attracted over 500 participants, 40 of which gave a talk. The event was particularly interesting as it was a merge Liferay DEVCON and so called Modconf (Conference on modularity).

The main theme across the conference was modularity. Almost the entire cycle of the first day’s talks was devoted to it.

Although the conference was more about general topics that didn’t directly regard Liferay platform, the best practises presented corresponded with the technological processes and principles Lundegaard seeks to apply both within the Liferay project and the non-Liferay projects, such as the principles of frontend modular development vs. using REACT.js and Redux technologies.

Liferay also introduced their hot technological innovation in deployment, Wedeploy service. Wedeploy is a new cloud service that enables developers to quickly build web applications. Along with that is provided a set of pre-built modules for authentication, access to DB, sending emails and several other useful features. You can decide yourself if you want to pick Liferay as the frontend or one of the modern JS frameworks.

Part of the lectures was devoted to the topic of migration, where Life representatives explained how they see application migration from version 6.2 to the latest version 7. A special workshop was devoted to this very issue, commenting on the various strategies and processes on the way to upgrade plugins from older Liferay versions.

Last but not least, there was also a demonstration of ready-made tools that enable the entire migration. Liferay introduced two possible migration options, which we will soon describe in more detail in a separate article.