Lundegaard opens a new development centre and wants to become a certified partner of Liferay


Lundegaard has decided to build a brand new development centre. Java Portal Integration & Delivery Centre (JPIDC).

The goal of the newly emerging centre is to technically design, implement, support and optimize the operation of web portals using the Java Portlet Technology (JSR-168/286) standards and to provide solutions to integrate the portal front-end into the IT infrastructure at mid-sized and large clients’ using products for implementation of business integration "patterns" Apache Camel, Apache ServiceMix, JBoss Fuse and others

"Almost from the very beginning, the development of solutions on the Java platform has been a part of our comprehensive technological services. Recently, the demand for business solutions using the Java Enterprise Edition standards has increased – both in the field of web portals and integration solutions. As we didn’t want to get into a situation where our current capacities would have been entirely exhausted, we were searching for a long-term solution for our technical division that would help us significantly increase the capacity in the Java development and consulting," says Tomáš Zajíček, CTO of Lundegaard.

The main portal platform used by JPIDC is Liferay Portal for which Lundegaard has managed to build a complete senior development team. The specialists in the development of web front-end will closely collaborate with the newly emerging team.

"We would like to capitalise on our long experience with the technical design and delivery of information systems using the Java technologies and to enrich them with experience of new and experienced developers together with the latest front-end technologies and modern products to support creation of business portals," adds Jiří Tonar, managing director of Lundegaard.

The development centre will also intensively collaborate with the other division of Lundegaard focused on services in consulting, design and digital performance for online business. Together these divisions will be involved in searching for the best possible ways of the best-feasible implementation of an attractive user-friendly web portal on the Liferay Portal platform.

Apart from the implementation services, the centre will also offer a comprehensive portfolio of consulting and audit services to support our clients to use the above-mentioned technologies as much effectively as possible.