Lundegaard introduces other services


On our new website we have added service offerings in the area of improving the performance of Web solutions.

In the section „Our offer“ you can find our services from the area of performance improving and web analytics.

Web Analytics

"Find out how people use your website, what interests them and how to modify it to ensure maximum performance. Make the right decisions based on hard data."

Whether it is a microsite or a large e-shop, measuring visitor behaviour can give you hard data that are necessary for informed decision-making. We can help you with the deployment and advanced settings of measuring tools (Google Analytics, Webtrends) tailored to your site, local specifics and your needs.

Analysis of Visitor Behaviour

"Peek over your visitors' shoulders and find out how they really use your website and what problems they encounter."

Based on an analysis of data from specialized tools monitoring user behaviour, we will evaluate the current status of your website. These tools allow you to see how visitors interact with your site. We will reveal problematic areas and propose ways how to eliminate the identified deficiencies.

A/B and Multivariate Testing of Change

"Do not be afraid of change and increase the performance of your website!"

A/B and multivariate tests are an effective method for assessing the impact of planned changes (change in a form, colours, page layout, text) with regard to improved conversion ability of your website.

If you are not happy with a certain part of your site and at the same time you are not sure what effect the proposed change will have, you can use this method to simultaneously compare two (A/B test) and multiple (multivariate test) variants of changes between themselves and choose the best performing change. When using this method, there is no risk of a drop in conversions after the deployment of the tested changes.