Lundegaard has a new website… Once again


After almost four years we come up with a new Lundegaard website, which presents our range of services, solutions and products.

Our website has gone through radical redesigning including simplification of the information architecture. The new website presents Lundegaard as a web integrator and a provider of comprehensive web portal solutions.

What is available on the website

In the section Our offer you can find everything Lundegaard provides for its clients:

  • Customized type solutions
  • Services provided either as a part of delivered solutions or separately
  • Products we use in the development of our solutions

If you need a web portal or mobile application or a facility for direct on-line sale of your services, this is the right place to look for information.

In the section References you can find our work results divided according to our clients and allowing a search according to their business. As a matter of course, you can also view references organized according to the solution type you are interested in.

The section About us contains news and information about the company history.

The part Support serves for the current clients and contains information about availability of the services we provide, as well as contact information and a link to the helpdesk.

For job applicants we have prepared the section Career where they can find current open positions and other information about the work and environment of Lundegaard.

In the part Contacts you can find all contact information of individual Lundegaard branches.

The website is available in the CzechSlovak and English language versions. The German version has a simplified structure.

How we have made the website

The whole website follows the responsive web design (RWD) approach, i.e. its design is optimized for desktops, tablets and mobile phones. It uses version 2 of CMS LARS Vivo as the platform and is operated in the Microsoft Azure cloud. In 2015 our website won the first prize in the Azureland contest organized by Microsoft for agencies delivering solutions based on LAMP technologies.