Lundegaard ensured live stream from visit of the world’s largest airliner at the Prague Airport


We provided live streaming, for our long-term client, from the visit of the biggest passenger plane of the world, the Airbus A380.

The first commercial landing of the world’s largest airliner Airbus A380 was long prepared and very important event that Prague Airport spiced with live broadcast on their facebook profile for the aviation fans. Live stream was provided along with with great success.

Live broadcast was transmitted from a professional camera placed on the airfield directly to the stream server which had enough bandwidth for up to 3,000 visitors to watch the broadcast in HD quality.

Aviation fans found a live broadcast on the Facebook profile of Prague Airport and application was accessible to those who are fans of the page.

The biggest tip of watching the live broadcast was up to 2,400 visitors. Prague Airport facebook page received about 1 200 new fans.