Lundegaard delivers new online consumer loan service for Cetelem Slovakia


We have created a new site for Cetelem Slovakia, the main objective of which is to maximize the application conversion received into the offered financial products.

The main aim of the website, which has been completely overhauled, is to sell the company’s product portfolio online.

Complex functionalities are essential for responding to a range of financial products applications, and the website is designed with a view to making these functionalities as easy to use as possible. Everything is processed online. Users are continuously guided through the process and verified by a sophisticated system of prompts and validations, which appear when customers fill in key fields.

The high conversion level and the minimisation of error rates when setting up the application was one of the main goals of this comprehensive solution. Another goal was to make the system even more user-friendly for the clients and minimise their queries, not just calls to the customer helpline.

The advanced user interface makes the process of buying financial products easy. It is equally convenient for existing customers when they are managing their credit accounts and related online services.

Such services require close links with a range of Cetelem’s internal systems, which, in addition to the instant availibility of all information that the customer has provided online, enables Cetelem clients to receive the most relevant and personalised products and offers.

During and after the project, a great deal of emphasis was placed on every single component of the system. The solution meets the strictest demands made on similar applications at the systems levels of banks and was tested independently by DCIT. All development was subject to strict internal rules at the same level as those of the BNP Paribas Personal Finance group. In this way the system is the basic building block for systems in many financial institutions and is subject to the strictest security, management and system user-friendliness requirements.

Lundegaard supplied the web portal, which underwent rigorous testing, and an extensive process of consultation and adjustments. On 4 June it was officially launched, replacing the original Cetelem Slovakia website.