Lundegaard becomes a partner of iPresent mobile platform

Lundegaard becomes a partner of iPresent mobile platform

Based on the successful development of several 3M Germany projects, Lundegaard became a partner for iPresent mobile platforms.

Lundegaard is also being more involved in web integration, using strong iPresent mobile platforms. “Thanks to this partnership, in the support of sales networks we can offer significant benefits to our current and future customers. The iPresent platform enables us to provide a solution that takes advantage of the benefits of touch devices when connecting with our clients’ internal systems, which significantly extends the system possibilities. All of this is done with widely accessible web technology,“ said Jiří Tonar, managing director of Lundegaard.

Solutions using iPresent make it possible to:

  • present offers of your products and services in a modern, professional way and do so easily
  • use all existing sales materials,
  • effectively manage all your sales materials from one place,
  • use not only text and picture documents but also audio or video material, in presentations,
  • provide sales staff with sales materials in end devices (tablets, smart phones) in a unified format
  • actively interact with the customer (e.g. due to order form updates or updates of information about customers),
  • work online and offline; when working offline, data synchronisation occurs automatically upon the next connection to the internet,
  • provide all users with the most up-to-date versions of sales materials at all times,
  • update sales materials in real time,
  • full order form service, at the client‘s
  • be connected to CRM (order form, updating of information about customers) or other internal information systems,
  • use various extensions (e.g. compare products, calculations, configuration system, etc.),
  • work with analyses and detailed information

iPresent is accessible on iOSAndroid and Windows platforms.

If you are interested in more detailed information about iPresent and solutions based on it, please feel free to contact us.

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