Lundegaard becomes a Magento eCommerce partner

Lundegaard becomes a Magento eCommerce partner

As the first entity from the Czech Republic, Lundegaard becomes a solution partner for the eCommerce platform Magento.

Over the long term, Lundegaard has been providing eCommerce solutions to major Czech and international clients. The work concerns a wide range of projects for clients in the financial services sector, utilities, real estate, healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry. Lundegaard is most often involved in the projects as a web integrator, with responsibility for delivering the complete solution.

The choice of Magento was a logical step in both extending our eCommerce services and improving them. Magento is an appropriate addition to the products in our portfolio, and it enables us to implement large and medium-sized eCommerce solutions more effectively.

Magento eCommerce Platform

Magento is a robust open-source eCommerce platform that you can use for setting up and operating online stores. It is ideal for when you need to upgrade to a new generation of software that is more effective in terms of doing business. It also enables transfer of existing data.

In terms of its features, Magento is ideal for:

  • Companies and dealers who use electronic business, work in a "multi-currency" system, with its related multilingual features, and who want to build a new generation of on-line business with an effective and flexible platform. This will help the companies and dealers to grow their businesses and enjoy greater success, at the regional, European and global levels.
  • Companies and dealers who have already “outgrown” their online stores and want to expand in the future, and attract and retain larger numbers of customers (in more markets).
  • Companies who want to integrate certain eCommerce features into their online activities (from subscription through indirect sales in conjunction with business partners to, for example, a loyalty system).

The Magento eCommerce platform applies PHP 5 and MySQL technology. The platform provides support for all current browsers. A mobile version is also available, using HTML 5 and CSS 3 technology, and the jQuery Mobile library. The mobile version is a web-based application, so no installation is required, and everything operates as part of the browser on the mobile device.

What is the Magento Partners programme?

The Magento Solution Partner provides a complete solution, including service, hosting and development. For the customer, Magento is an expert partner guaranteeing full project implementation. Magento makes use of access to support and the information of the developer community established around the Magento platform.

Magento Associate partner focuses on  development and implementation using the Magento Community licence, as well as the higher levels, Magento Professional and Enterprise.