Lundegaard became a Magento partner for Nestlé

Lundegaard became a Magento partner for Nestlé

Lundegaard won a tender for Nestlé eCommerce activities partner. This cooperation was confirmed by launching a pilot project.

Nestlé chose Magento (specifically the Enterprise Edition) as the primary platform for future development of their e-commerce activities and that being on an international level.

Lundegaard as a Magento Associate Solution Partner won the tender and became a partner of Nestlé in developing solutions based on Magento.

The first project within this new collaboration is the implementation of the e-shop section of Nestlé Health Science that offers unique products from Nestlé such as food products for special medical purposes. The e-shop is linked to the actual product site and allows end-users to purchase products from the comfort of their own home.

The project involved collaboration of not only analyzing and designing solutions that included wireframes and graphic design in accordance with Nestlé’s corporate identity, but also some smaller and some bigger customizations of the Magento platform. For example, the prices are hidden for visitors outside the Czech Republic by detecting IP addresses. It is also using Magento API to export data to an external system - the customer's logistics partner for processing orders.

Also, there has been great emphasis on securing and protecting sensitive data of users, which is a major priority for Nestlé. Another important aspect of the project was designing it so it would be user friendly, easy to purchase the products and the overall user experience for the visitor.

The Nestlé Health Science project is a pilot project of Nestlé on the Magento platform across Europe.

Magento e-commerce platform

Magento is a powerful open-source e-commerce platform that can be used for creating and operating e-shops. It is an ideal solution for projects where a higher level of business performance is needed, including the ability of transferring and importing existing data.

The Magento platform is ideal for companies that:

  • use e-commerce with “multi-currency” and multilingual features. They also want to build a new generation of their on-line business with a powerful and flexible platform that will support their growth and success in a regional, European or global scale;
  • have “outgrown” their existing e-shop solution and plan to expand in the future to attract and keep more customers (even in more markets);
  • want to integrate selected elements of e-commerce into their online activities (from subscriptions through indirect sales using reseller partners to a loyalty system).