Liferay DevCon Amsterdam – news that caught our eye


Our experts on Liferay, Jirka Kadlec and Aleš Rybák sum up news from Liferay DevCon 2017 Amsterdam conference. We can look forward to reading it!

The conference were 3 days packed with presentations, workshops and networking, a lot of the information, road map of new tools for next year. We learnt that Liferay is improving its platform towards the best possible consistent customer experience across devices, along with developing new opportunities for developers and marketers.

Let's take a look at the areas that intrigued us.

Adaptive Media

Automatic media optimization, where editor inserts a picture in one size and Liferay platform’s new plugin prepares the right size of different resolutions for various devices. Resolution intervals will be possible to set up. What is more, and a learning mechanism is being prepared too. It will propose intervals based on collected data. The next step is working with videos, based on the same principle - different resolutions and compression settings. The plugin shall be launched by the end of the year.

Easier Work Administration for Content-intensive Pages

Liferay is trying to make it easier for editors so that content-rich pages consisting of many types of content (e.g. combination of carousel, articles, interactive elements, image gallery and etc.) can be easily put together in a "drag and drop" style, so that individual components can be simply and easily configured in detail. At the same time, configuration of a menu independent of tree structure is being prepared. This functionality is still in the draft stage, and we will try to influence the designs with our proposals on how it will finally look like.

Support of Frontend Technologies Integration

Using modern Java frameworks in connection with Liferay Portal is not exactly easy and neither it feels natural for frontend developers. Therefore, Liferay seeks to provide support for such framework so that working with it becomes more comfortable like when working with the frameworks themselves. Liferay uses the support of NPM platform for this (Node Package Manager) is a tool for easy installation and management of JavaScript packages along with an extensive source code database). This approach caters for collaboration of multiple vendors on a single server (MVP - Multi Vendor Platform) and also handles correct automatic selection of the JavaScript Package version (semantic versioning). The current integration is in beta version and is gradually being developed.

Liferay Commerce

Another important step is the forthcoming full-platform commerce solution built on the latest version of Liferay DXP. It will provide all the elements for management of modern e-shop solutions. It will be easy to develop and edit using OSGi modules (OSGi Service Platform is a modular system for Java programming language, which is heavily used on Liferay Portal). For example, you will be able to configure in detail steps to complete an order, as to distinguish different types of items in product catalogue, etc. The module will be ready for testing in alpha version at the beginning of 2018.


Liferay has released a stable version of its WeDeploy system along with the price conditions. The platform makes it easy to deploy, manage and run applications in a cloud Infrastructure. It supports commonly used languages / platforms (Node, Java, Ruby, Docker) and considerably accelerates development time thanks to pre-set services (email, data storage, authentication, etc.).

We Introduced Lundegaard Project - Liferay and React JS Union

Jirka Kadlec presented, at the conference, practical experience of Lundegaard Liferay experts with integration of the modern JavaScript framework React and Liferay Portal. Both technologies combine well; great benefit of this combination is easier migration from Liferay 6.2 version to DXP. This approach also allows combining a larger variety of developers (which makes us less dependent on Liferay experts only). 

Jirka Kadlec na Liferay DevCon

We heard several interesting perspectives of the platform development not only from developing perspective, but also business-wise. Should you like to talk with us about the news, do not hesitate to contact us.