Leading loan provider CETELEM has a new website


Along with the public part of the portal we have created a completely new and technologically innovative client zone that serves Cetelem clients.

We created the publicly accessible section of the portal, as well as a completely new and technologically innovative Cetelem client zone, which offers customers a user-friendly way to manage their accounts and keep track of transactions and financial history.

The complete overhaul and technological refactoring of the entire website required a great deal of changes in the logic of many internal systems, which now process the entered data more effectively.

Great emphasis was placed on user-friendliness and help for users when navigating the website, when filling in forms and in interacting with the portal. Therefore, there is naturally a very elaborate system of prompts and error messages in place, guiding the user to complete the required tasks, successfully and easily.

The website solution focused on new technology and application of all the benefits of HTML5, CSS3 and possibilities of the latest browsers. Ajax communication with a server section ensures a high level of interactivity, so that minor issues do not disturb the user. All processes are automated to the maximum extent, and the sending of notices, status changes and other activities are carried out automatically on background pages, without the need for assistance from administrators.