Internet portal facelift


After approximately one year of operation the client decided to perform a face-lift of his main company website

The aims were mainly modifications to the design that had to respond to new feedback from the sales department regarding the product presentation. At the same time, the year gap provided plenty of analytical data input about traffic and user behaviour on the website, which led to related modifications improving the general user friendliness of the interface.

The facelift was managed in three directions. After a thorough visit analysis we modeled the user routes of traffic through the website to determine the most suitable locations where to place the product showcase of the client. In cooperation with the client, the products were divided into several product lines and then appropriately placed into the site structure. While the information structure was being updated, the side task was to further improve the sitemap itself, also based on what the site visitor analysis showed.

This task was challenging due to the fact that the product portfolio of Škoda Holding is extremely wide. The holding consists of ten subsidiaries which means its products had to be correctly showcased and logically tied-in.

The second and very important part of the facelift was the design itself. It was primarily designed to showcase the products by using new and effective product photography of the client.

Another area which we focused on was optimizing the structure related to each product information. The Š website is a place where various target groups come across with various degrees of awareness of the client’s products. From industry professionals, through enthusiasts aware of the history of Škoda, to ordinary website visitors. We designed the structure so the general information would be the most accessible for the usual visitors and the technical details for the industry professionals.

Therefore the main objectives of the facelift have been met

  • simplify the navigation for the user to the right product information
  • eliminate all the intrusive elements
  • make the rest of the information accessible and consistent

While developing the internet portal there were several other funcionalities implemented from which we select:

Showcase of individual subsidiaries of the holding using the so-called „company card“. The card presents all relevant information about the subsidiary and serves as a link to the seperate website of the specific subsidiary. By linking the product module with the card, it’s also easy to find a list of products offered by the subsidiary on the website.

The referral, product and contact module. The newly implemented funcionality was built on the resources of CMS LARS Vivo as a framework for developing web applications. Within CMS LARS Vivo, special modules were developed for simple management of products, references and related contacts. Interconnecting related information allows using product information in references and vice versa, including relevant contact details, of course. The relatively sophisticated reference module was created using Lundegaard’s extensive know-how in developing large-scale online applications and information systems. An analysis was processed using UML (User Case Model, Class Diagram), the architecture was designed using CMS LARS Vivo features and finally, the implementation was executed.

The new portal is operated on a dedicted server-based infrastructure using the Windows Server 2008 R2 platform + Microsoft IIS7 provided by the client‘s IT department.

Internet portal facelift
Internet portal facelift
Internet portal facelift