In 2011 Lundegaard more than doubles the volume of its international business


Even in 2011, Lundegaard managed to fulfil its goals in the field of providing services to foreign clients.

Lundegaard for 3M

In addition to serving Czech companies, Lundegaard works for international clients, of which 3M is the largest. Lundegaard and 3M work in partnership in the administration and development of web solutions on the Websphere Portal platform/IBM Fatwire, for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

During 2011 Lundegaard worked for branches in European countries, including Russia, as well as Egypt, Dubai and South Africa. We launched a wide-ranging project to completely overhaul the existing websites in the EMEA region, as part of the new 3M website image. In terms of scope, this project involves dozens of product websites, each being published in more than 15 language versions.

We were also involved in creating several marketing websites for the German market, in particular for the Electrical and Electronic Engineering & Telecommunications Division, and the Safety, Security and Protection Division.

Another important project was the design and creation of an intranet for the Polish branches. It provides internal customers with more information about HealthCare (Wrocław plant) products, and features an overview, with the possibility of ordering products.

Another important project involved the creation of European central mobile version of a product website, as part of the launch of the new Aura 9300 Respirator for a customer at 3M UK. The solution was also implemented on the client platform and localised into approximately 15 languages of the EMEA.

As part of closer cooperation with the 3M Heathcare European marketing central office in Munich, we helped to “separate the wheat from the chaff“, with the help of web analysis and Webtrends tools. We also designed a strategy for further supporting certain websites and, on the other hand, ceasing investment in others, and winding down their activities or completely deleting them from the portfolio.

Other activities

Lundegaard has also strengthened its position in Slovakia, through work for Dalkia and Cetelem. During the year we developed a solution for our other international clients, for example, IRC Global Executive Search Partners and Finnish firm S&S Consulting.

We also help Czech companies in their international business activities: we created a Polish web version for Partners and a product web for the aesthetic range of BTL, a medical device manufacturer. The specific aim of this project was to address individual national markets.