Gartner Symposium ITXpo 2018 - We Were There


We participated a five-day symposium in Barcelona, which was from Wednesday 4th November to Thursday the 8th.

Gartner Symposium, had this year over 7 100 visitors, while over 100 of them came from of the Czech Republic, and we were among them. On the occasion of the Symposium conference series were defined the TOP 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2019. The symposium was indeed very rich in diverse topics, talks and keynotes.

The main topics included digital banking and the related transition of banks to cloud services. The organisers naturally didn't leave out the topic of blockchain and its use in public spaces. And as companies are becoming more and more interested in AI - Artificial Intelligence, on one of the presentations taught us how to overcome the gap between AI opportunities and corporate reality. Another interesting topic was the comparison of two digital giants, Amazon and Alibaba.

On the occasion of the Symposium, the Top 10 IoT trends for 2018-2023 were defined, which include e.g. the already mentioned artificial intelligence and the shift from centralized systems and toward cloud edge architectures.

"As an owner of digital agency, I verified that the topics we are bringing to our clients are becoming more and more up-to-date, and I look forward to incorporating them into everyday practice. Artificial Intelligence (AI) ceases to be an empty concept and begins to slowly enter the real-life phase. Our team of specialists has intensively been working on this subject, effectively tackling the topic of AI and machine learning, " says Petr Bartoň, Member of the Board about the Symposium.

What other topics have intrigued us most and how do we want to incorporate them into our market presence? This is what you will learn in the following news, in which we will focus on specific topics in more detail.