First Lundegaard #DEVcamp took place successfully


The trip of some parts of the development team was in a rather working atmosphere, but some fun was part of the trip, too.

The group of developers of Lundegaard decided to combine business with pleasure and went to the mountains with their 64 bit darlings.

The weekend programme was focused mainly on internal R&D projects (prototyping, testing of system and application installing in Microsoft Azure) and it was also livened up by a speed competition in installing of a roughly coded microsite parallel on two various application (ASP.NET MVC versus CMS LARS Vivo).

During workdays the developers were busy mainly with the tasks within their teams and they gained experience with off-site collaboration with other colleagues.

In the mountain lodge the team could work effectively and maximize the utilization of the time available (from bed directly to the keyboard :-), after work they could relax and improve their social skills. The team also used nearby ski centres twice and they enriched themselves with common sport experiences.

And what do participants say about it?

@MarekJuras (PHP developer) – “All the time an informal atmosphere, good mood, untouched landscape and desire to create were typical for DEV Camp :) Thanks to Lunde DEV Camp the saying “meeting with friends” got a new dimension and we became convinced together that even in the mountains it is possible to carry out the issue from Jira or to organize stand-ups. In my opinion it has been one of the best team-building Lunde events so far. My evaluation is 5/5 :)“
@TomasPlechac (FE developer) – “The combination of the mountain environment, very good facilities and mainly the work atmosphere was the ideal possibility for me to cooperate informally and solve a developer’s typical day work. The better and more intensive discussion between teams was of benefit to me. This is what DEV camp by Lundegaard means for me.”
@MartinCermak: „I was the only representative of .NET technologies at DEV camp and I liked the collective solution of the issues of application installing through platforms. Everybody was involved in the debate in this kind of atmosphere and that was probably the reason why the solution of all the problems moved on quickly, so in my opinion the purpose of DEV camp was fulfilled.” (as the winner of the microsite installing speed competition Martin got a challenge trophy of development „Storm Sue“)
@VojtechMalek (FE developer) - „To combine programming with the mountains, a Pilsner keg, a table football, a whirlpool bath, a sauna and a team of super people was a great idea... I would implement this every month ;)“
@YuriYakovlev (FE developer) - Lunde DEV camp was a great experience. To change the office for a modern chalet, a great team and moreover fresh air and beautiful view of the Czech landscape – the result was increased productivity and a perfect fun.
@PetrAlbrecht (PHP developer) - „I liked DevCamp very much, it was funny and working in the mountain environment was very good. I will certainly go there again next time.”
@PavelDucho (continuous delivery specialist) – „DevCamp is like a training camp. You meet people who are on the same wavelength, have the same goals, you can have a great fun and at the arrival you have already done a lot of work. If you add the possibility of relaxing in the sauna more or less whenever you want, refilling the needed ions with selected drinks or going skiing, then the time invested, know-how and the money in several days change into super projects which would lie dormant otherwise.“
@TomášZajíček (CTO) – “The idea of winter DEVcamp was born shortly after the weekend Hacathon which took place in the company premises. A big advantage of these events is for me voluntary participation and maximal concentration of the participants on technical solutions together with a lively professional debate and direct sharing of know-how through project and agile teams. The fresh mountain air and the immediate availability of sport and relaxation activities was just a pleasant benefit accelerating the participants’ desire to work more“

Do you want to attend the future DEVcamps? We would be happy to take you with us – everybody can choose from our open positions.