Digital Café on Design Systems


We organized another Digital Café for our clients, this time on Design Systems and data - driven Marketing.

We have held Lundegaard Digital Café for our clients already several times. At this event, we want to showcase our experience from the digital world discuss it over a coffee and good breakfast.

Jan ProcházkaJan Procházka Director of Digital Solutions & Consultancy had the opening word. He introduced the topic and explained Lundegaard's position. He explained that Lundegaard builds extensive front-end digital projects for large companies, thus we focus on quality and the system. We follow trends and Digital Systems is currently a great trend, which was also confirmed at the WebExpo conference. He stressed that we like to connect different things, while Design Systems combines design and engineering teams.

Jan MurinThe first talk on "Design Systems " was presented by Jan Murin, Senior UX & Product Consultant. Jan showed us how to design and develop design systems more efficiently, how to design and maintain a design system in the company, what everything it should contain, and how it affects team communication and user interface consistency. Jan pointed out that a quality web is no longer done by one man, but it is done by several people of different professions, who need to align with each other. This is what Design Systems guide is for. It helps create webs so that they are consistent with other company sites. And what should Design Systems contain? First of all, it should be "Design Rules", that is, the process and rules for managing Design Systems (communication tone, marks, writing rules, ...). The appearance (colour palette, layout, icons, typography ...) should be defined too, along with individual components (buttons, tables, navigation, forms, ...). Jan closed his talk by instructions on how to build a proper system design.

Jan Dachovský, Ondřej Kopal Ondřej Kopal, JavaScript Development Lead, along with Jan Dachovsky, Scrum Master of Česká Spořitelna, followed up on Jan, with a case study of Česká spořitelna. They introduced the development of the B360 project for Česká spořitelna and demonstrated on a concrete example that it is possible to create Design Systems also fro developers' own initiatives, if a UX team doesn’t delivers the concept. They proved the process can also work from the other side.

Jakub Churý The third speaker was Jakub Churý, Head of Web Analytics & Performance, who spoke on data driven marketing and a 3M case study. Jakub showed that online marketing still requires both traditional and data-driven marketing approaches. Using the example of creating 3M online product campaigns, he showed how he and his team proceeded to test several colour banner variants to increase CTR (click-through) rate) by 230%, lower cost-per- click, and increase overall campaign efficiency. Finally, he asserted that online marketing was not just cost- per- click (CPC) and CTR (CPC) but also a good understanding of the customer.

The presentations were followed by a rich discussion with the guests. We are very pleased that the guests used the opportunity to discuss the topics over good food and coffee for a long time after the talks. They also gave us very useful feedbacks, which we will take into account when drafting the follow-up talks on the topic of Design Systems, which we are planning for the new year.