DevCamp second time this year, the 5th time altogether and counting


The autumn development trip took place in the heart of Šumava, Hojsova Stráž. 12 brave developers, 5 days, 5 projects.

In the second half of September, one Saturday till Wednesday, we threw another edition of the traditional DevCamp. Our mission was to develop "proof of concepts" in pre-selected areas. The aim was to find out if the given solutions are applicable in every day projects.

We worked hard on the below topics:

Electron & Cordova

Team: Ondra Kopal, Martin Fejes, Oliver Mrázik

The goal of this task was to transfer a standard web application to a native iOS web application and a desktop platform. For desktop platforms we did this with a development tool called Electron, and with Apache Cordova for iOS. We got into a state where we made a simple DevStack allowing us to automate some of these applications. The DevStack runs in a virtualized Docker environment.

ClickStream at SDP platform

Team: Lukáš Matějka, Aleš Rybák, Josef Krcho

"We followed up the previous DevCamp, where we set up the base of Stream Data Platform (SDP). The aim of this year's camp was to create a system prototype that will be able to track user behaviour on Liferay DXP portal, and distribute this raw data to SDP platform, aggregate data, and then display it with the means of a graphical tool. Having managed to virtualize the architecture during the DevCamp is surely its strong point. Now the platform can be run in a fully virtual environment - in Docker containers.“

SDP - ukázka grafického výstupu


Team: Tomáš Konrády, Václav Jančařík

"We started with the development of Union project, the successor of React Union project. This solution enables development of several JavaScript applications at the same time in CMS (Content Management System) and portal technology environments, such as Liferay. The platform allows users to choose what apps they want and where they want them - whether on a page or a specific URL. Union then ensures the applications run on those sites. DevCamp helped us achieve deeper modularisation and encapsulation of the individual applications. This makes them easier to use and also to see who is accountable when multi-vendors are engaged in the project. We also tried using the method of extreme programming – and we can just recommend it."

Build Automation

Franta Herein

"I gave myself the goal of setting standards and automating the work with "docking", both in the server environment and of the applications themselves. Eventually, we managed to successfully create a containerized environment to run the server applications, both on PHP, Java and NodeJS. I worked on the options of wrapping the individual applications into image for easier automated installation and subsequent management by our ICT team."

Basic DevStack for Coders and New Projects, to be used with Vue.js

Team: Tomáš Plecháč (sadly he supported DevCamp only remotely), Jakub Mišenko, Lukáš Kukel

"We resolved to create a starter DevStack (Coding Starter Pack - CSP) for Lundegaard coders, primarily based on coding conventions that were made at the previous DevCamp. CSP defines the basic SCSS architecture  (Sassy CSS: Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets CSS) and modular UI component design, using jQuery or Vue.js and automates basic coding operations. CSP is used to create static templates for multiple platforms: CMS LARS Vivo, jQuery, Vue.js, Angular and React based applications. The newly created CSP will serve not only to speed up and simplify starting new development, but also mainly to unify the coding conventions, i.e. to improve the quality and sustainability of the code. We went on to explore the popular library of Vue.js. This brought us to making a reactive calculator for loan calculation using Vue.js library, so we created the calculator with jQuery –and compared the resulting codes. The winner for its clarity and flexibility is Vue.js for us."

In addition to talks about work, programming and coding, there was no lack of fun playing PS games, relaxing in sauna and Jacuzzi (no one felt like going to the outdoor pool as it was already a bit cold); and we also had some good food and beer. A new toy in the house was a board game called Pukec, which made even the quiet ones frolick.

And what’s next? We will continue to develop the innovations and bring some extra value to our clients.

DevCamp second time this year, the 5th time altogether and counting
DevCamp second time this year, the 5th time altogether and counting
DevCamp second time this year, the 5th time altogether and counting