DevCamp 4th Sequel


DevCamp has become our traditional event aimed at our developers getting out of the box and letting some steam off. Little village Vidoň, end of February.

So how did it go this time? We left for four days to settle in a cosy B&B, set in a lovely countryside and to get down to predefined topics with the aim to tackle selected projects and shift our boundaries. We made three teams with a different task each.

1st Lundegaard‘s front-end web coding team focused on coding standards; they resolved to review the conventions and finalise them.

2nd team worked hard on resolving iOS, Android platforms and web portal front-end solution implementations, using React technology.

3rd team was creating Stream Data Platform function prototype, which allows real time data processing.

Despite the short timespan given, Lunde heroes and heroines managed to shift the given topics miles ahead. All the teams managed to put forward useful solution bases, which we will further elaborate.

What DevCamp 4.0 participants say about the event?

Aleš RybákAleš Rybák, Portal Specialist
“This had been the second time I had the opportunity to meet with people from other teams at this event. We did things we enjoy and that will help us later on in our work. We got the feel of new technologies and went through a bit of a hard time with the „bleeding-edge ones“. Despite that one could feel the enthusiasm and endorphins after having tamed them. Rediscovering the beauty of Americano was another bonus for me ;-).“

Tomáš PlecháčTomáš Plecháč, Senior front-end Developer
“The previous DevCamp sessions in Šumava were replaced by a modest yet picturesque B&B in Podkrkonoší, where the team spirit was once again heavenly supported the golden beverage from the nearby brewery. The team working spirit moving between projects for the clients and productive R & D was diverted by pleasant excursions to the surrounding area and by virtual immersions in El Classica alongside Messi or Ronaldo. Those who were not keen on football measured their skills in rally races. All in all, the fourth DevCamp by Lundegaard was again in the spirit of a casual mix of fun and work.”

Jirka KadlecJirka Kadlec, Java Portal Development Lead
“Great crew, opportunity to work with colleagues I don’t see often in projects I work on. It was good fun – I liked the beer, I was no good at FIFA, but I’ve got hello world on my watch now ;-)”

Ondřej KopalOndřej Kopal, PHP Programmer
“This DevCamp was a great opportunity to have fun with the fellow fools outside of the office; meet with people I don’t often meet with and get to know the new players. I would have some reservations as to the comfort of the newly chosen place, but the camp content was good again. I enjoyed what the guys do with React on Liferay, and how many common points our solutions have. It was great to work with my colleague on the even-smarter watch. And, I also enjoyed my little total.js survey, as well as my five-minute lead in the timed car. :-)”

Jakub MišenkoJakub Mišenko, Front-end Developer
“This DevCamp was a great opportunity to switch from the regular office to work off-site with a pint in hand in relaxed atmosphere. In addition to the usual work for the client, we were also able to get down to Lunde coding standards. But next time we should do more R&D and down time. Entertainment was superbly taken care of, the PlayStation was on all day (as it proved to be a success, I will definitely take it again next time); and everyone managed to turn off for a bit and compete in FIFA or in car racing. Overall, this DevCamp was great and I'm already looking forward to the next “major” version.”

DevCamp 4th Sequel
DevCamp 4th Sequel
DevCamp 4th Sequel
DevCamp 4th Sequel