CMS LARS Vivo now available at the Urals


The Russian bank Klookva opted for the LARS Vivo Content Management System from Lundegaard for the implementation of its web presentation at

The Russian retail bank Klookva chose the LDK version of CMS LARS Vivo as their platform for their new website. LDK not only contains the full functionality of the CMS but also its source code and developer documentation, enabling the bank to further develop solutions on their own or through other partners.

The development of the website being implemented in several stages, including the possibility of connecting internet banking features in the future.

Klookva now joins Airbank another bank that has already chosen CMS LARS Vivo as a platform for their website. In addition to bank institutions, CMS LARS Vivo is being used by other financial companies - such as Cetelem, Cardif, Cofidis, Partners or Metlife.

Klookva Bank

The bank with the tagline "sweet life" is operating in Russia in the Urals and offers its services primarily to individual customers. It has a network of branch offices in six cities and over a hundred ATMs. The bank has decided for a significant rebranding with their main driving force being open communication. This corresponds with their new graphic and communication strategies, dominating with a friendly teddy bear as the bank's logo. Did you know that "Klookva" ("Клюква" in Russian) translates as cranberry?


Content Management System - CMS LARS Vivo is designed to easily create and edit websites without having to know how to code or any other technical know-how. The system is aimed for medium and large organizations, but there's also a cost-effective LITE version for smaller website presentations.

CMS LARS Vivo is an advanced content management / publishing system based on open source technologies PHP version 5.3 and Apache Solr / Lucene.

CMS LARS Vivo is based on the experience of Lundegaard developing its own product CMS LARS for more than 10 years. The CMS LARS Vivo of today is the result technical and user know-how from deploying it to more than a hundred web projects of various types (from small product sites through corporate websites, e-shops and retail sites to portals, client zones and intranets/extranets).