Websites on 52 inches screens for Prague Airport

Websites on 52 inches screens for Prague Airport

04.04.2012 | Lundegaard has made adjustments to the company portal of Prague Airport (Letiště Praha). This enables it to be displayed on touch screens installed at the airport, and makes information on the portal accessible to all passengers. The innovation also complements other communication channels.

As part of the portal administration and development project, Lundegaard was responsible for the ergonomic aspects and design of the kiosk user interfaces. The interfaces take content from a single source, in the same way as the portal, operated using CMS LARS Vivo.

In the design process for the 52“ touch screens great emphasis was placed on ease of use, access for disabled users, functionality adjustment for the display and gesture-based control.

Kiosks are placed in different zones, enabling various types of main content to be displayed according to the kiosk location. Naturally, all information is in three language versions: Czech, English and Russian.

The kiosks add to the existing communication channels (the main web and the mobile website), through which Prague Airport communicates with its customers and provides them with important flight information.  Multichannel communication is supported by CMS LARS Vivo.

The kiosks are placed in various parts of the arrival and departure halls.


In the kiosk user interface project Media Channel was used, and a plan for it was carried out for optimalising the user interface, and implementing and installing it. CMS LARS Vivo features were used, which brought particular benefits, in particular, support for various target devices (mobiles, tablets, kiosks and such like).

As a result, display templates optimalised for a particular type or a group of devices can easily be created and parameterised, with profiles defining basic qualities, and the display possibilities in such a group (e.g. maximum width of the screen, whether Javascript is available and similar features). This functionality also includes carefully formulated auto detection of such devices. CMS LARS Vivo provides support for multichannel communication.

As in every project, there was an urgent need to address certain technological problems, especially adjustments to the user interface for the 52" screen and integrating the virtual keyboard for operating selected features.

In view of technical, user and security limitations, there was a need to “suppress“ certain standard website “behaviour“, such as opening links to new windows, and add new behaviour, e.g. how text fields respond to a Javascript keyboard, and similar issues.Thanks to the kiosk-related detection devices, these specific adjustments are made at the CMS LARS Vivo level so that the “normal“ desktop website is not affected in any way.

The following technology was used in the project:

  • XHTML 1.0
  • CSS 3
  • JQuery
  • Chrome Browser in Full-screen mode
  • CMS LARS Vivo

User behaviour

More information about “the measurement of the user behaviour on touch devices” from website.

We are focusing on

  • corporate websites and portals
  • rezervation systems
  • on-line marketing
  • corporate intranets
  • reporting systems
  • eCommerce


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