A freebie from Lundegaard

A freebie from Lundegaard

30.01.2013 | Lundegaard prepared a mobile web (HTML5) application for accessing corporate files. The app is available as a FREE download.

At Lundegaard, we brainstormed on how to quickly and sophistically access our shared corporate files out of office. We were looking for a solution that

  • is platform-independent
  • is mobile
  • doesn’t require installation on the client-side
  • meets our security high standards
  • is simple to use
  • last but not least, is something we’d all enjoy using.

As part of our Research & Development, we have prepared a simple PHP-based application that provides access to corporate files. This app contains a UI layer that uses CSS3, HTML5 and Javascript with Ajax server calling methods for the user interface to access the files.

Security is ensured by the level of access to the internal network using VPN and Active Directory authentication. The app fully respects the access permissions on the file level.

Preview of application

webshare QR codeTry the demo here:



Technical requirements

Windows Server 2008, IIS7, PHP 5.3.13
GNU/Linux , Apache 2.2.16, PHP 5.3.3-7

Free download

Download the zipped app completely free of charge (ZIP; 0,5MB).


  1. Download the file
  2. Unzip it to a directory on a server with PHP support
  3. Set the configuration (first line config.php) path to the file system that you want to access. Eg. define(ROOT, '/directory/you/want/astheroot');
  4. ???
  5. PROFIT! :)

We are focusing on

  • corporate websites and portals
  • rezervation systems
  • on-line marketing
  • corporate intranets
  • reporting systems
  • eCommerce


Do you want to work with us?

We're always looking for people who are passionate about their work and love to explore and learn new things. What do people like working with us and what can we offer you?

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